About Us

VapeMons is passionate about vaping culture and the energy that surrounds the vaping community. We work to bring our new innovative technologies to customers that love vaping as we do. The VapeMons brand was created to bring safety, convenience, and accessibility to the e-cigarette industry in a way not yet seen. From a fundamental level, VapeMons looks to leverage technological advances in research and development and expert manufacturing to make e-cigarette hardware safer, with improved heating elements, more convenient with leakless tanks, and more accessible, with mods that meet the needs of every kind of vaper, novices or experts. We imagine a world where our products change the lives of our end-users, whether to quit smoking or for recreation, for our partners to bring these advances to their customers in markets around the globe.
VapeMons, Sheer Vaping Pleasure!

Advanced Technology 
At VapeMons we guarantee not only our passion and dedication but also a highly advanced research and development team that consistently surpasses our customer's expectations; through our continuous customer-centric innovation we have achieved technology breakthroughs in e-cigarettes and own more than 100 key patents in fundamental technology and design models. Our R&D division is comprised of 20 master engineers, with their industry experience averaging 10 years.
We imbue our products with our passion for an unparalleled vaping experience, with meticulous attention to detail and finishing. Our consumer-driven design combined with a plethora of industry experience results in refreshing concepts and hardware we are proud of.
From brainstorm to the blueprint, testing and delivery to you, our ever-growing product portfolio is fed by curiosity, bravery, and passion.

Quality Manufacturing
On-going safety assurance is the top priority at VapeMons. We continuously improve our manufacturing standards to ensure our electronic cigarette products meet quality and safety requirements and are in compliance with all laws and regulations. We work to achieve and exceed the best standards available by using only the best materials in our production produced at the highest manufacturing standards, honed since 2014 in our production facilities.
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