Quit smoking?

Is everything right for your health? How long have you been smoking? Isn't it hard to put down the cigarette? The troubles, working pressure, Do you want to continue to unhealthy hurt the body? Stop smoking for your health and family After lit a cigarette smoke, contains more than 3000 kinds of toxic chemicals. According to statistics, smoking to 10 cigarettes a day lung cancer incidence increased 13 times; If smoke 20 cigarettes a day, 20 times higher incidence of lung cancer; Smoke 40 cigarettes a day for lung cancer incidence increased 65 times. After the lit cigarette smoke, contains more than 3000 kinds of toxic chemicals, the most important of which are nicotine, carbon monoxide, cyanide, exists in cigarette tar has a variety of cancer-causing substances, radioactive isotope and heavy metal elements, etc. The research conclusion Vaping can replace real smoke, taste more violent than true smoke, even after extensive study, vape can replace real smoke in three months, harmful to reduce to 99% Selection Suggestions E-juice concentration is generally 0%, 3%, 6%, It is recommended that you from high to low concentration of diminishing. E-juice in addition to more healthy, and replace the nicotine in tobacco smell, no more to make yellowing teeth, in the car can be used for indoor, vaping anywhere you want anytime! Quit smoking!!! If you want to choose to use electronic cigarettes immediately, congratulations you, right away open a healthy lifestyle!

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